About Me: 

I am a PhD Candidate at Yale University pursuing a combined PhD between the departments of Religious Studies and Political Science. My research interests focus on Christian social ethics and political theology.


My dissertation, entitled "Crowned with Glory and Honor: The Virtue of Magnanimity, and its Discontents" examines the reception of the classical virtue of magnanimity in the Stoics and the Greeks, its reception among the Christians through Scholasticism and Augustinianism, its rejection by the architects of early modern capitalism, and the possibility of a constructive retrieval of the democratic virtue of magnanimity.

You can contact me at justin.hawkins@yale.edu.

Previous Teaching at Yale:

Fall 2020: History of Early Christianity (Prof. Gabrielle Thomas)


Spring 2020: Christian Mysticism, 300-1700 (Prof. Carlos Eire) 


Fall 2019: Theological Aesthetics (Prof. John Hare) 

Spring 2019: Systematic Theology (Prof. Willie James Jennings)

Fall 2018: Theological Ethics (Prof. Jennifer Herdt)

Spring 2016: Introduction to Christian Ethics II (Prof. Adam Eitel)

Spring 2016: War and Violence in Christian Ethics (Prof. Adam Eitel)

Fall 2015: Social Practices and Ethical Formation (Prof. Jennifer Herdt) 

Comprehensive Exam Fields: 

History of Political Theory

Political Theology, Augustinian and Thomist

Political Hebraism

Magnanimity Among the Virtues

Divine Command and Eudaimonism

Bioethics: Human Nature and Human Enhancement

Disability Ethics

Conference Presentations: 

“The Most Terrifying Thought Experiment of All Time: Roko’s Basilisk, Antinatalism, and the Pascal’s Wager of Creating the Singularity” National Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, San Diego, CA (November 2019). 

“Can Greatness of Soul be Taught? C.S. Lewis and Alexis de Tocqueville on Magnanimity and Education” Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning Conference, Waco, TX (October 2019). 

“Rene Girard on Why Christians Should Not be Populists” Henry Institute on Christianity and Politics, Calvin College, (April 2019). 

 “The Trees of the Field Went Out to Anoint for Themselves a (Philosopher) King: The Reluctance of the Noble Ruler in Judges 9:8-15 and Plato’s Repubic” Kuyper Conference, Calvin College, (April 2019). 

“Religious Humility as the Grounds for Religious Liberty: Reinhold Niebuhr’s Contribution to a Theology of Democratic Religious Freedom” National Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Denver CO (November 2018).  

 “Forgetting the Language of Creation: Evangelical Climate Change Skepticism and the Natural Typology of Jonathan Edwards” Institute for Faith and Learning conference, Baylor University, (October 2018).

“Down Syndrome, the Glorified Body, and the Persistence of Personal Identity.” Princeton Theological Seminary Graduate Conference in Theology, February 10, 2018. 

“Do Christians Need a Right to Religious Freedom? A Response to John Burgess,” delivered at Conference on ‘Two Conceptions of Freedom: Christian and Secular’ hosted by The Elm Institute and The Burke Center on Religion and Civil Society at Yale University (April 2016)


“Clarifying Religious Language: Yoram Hazony’s Use of Metaphor and Thomas Aquinas’s Analogia,” presented at Philosophical Investigation of the Hebrew Bible, Talmud and Midrash workshop, Jerusalem (July 2014).

“Søren Kierkegaard and Jonathan Edwards on Subjectivity and Religious Affections,” presented at Kierkegaard and the Present Age conference, Brigham Young University (November 2013).