• Justin Hawkins

We Die, and God Dies with Us

A relatively new forum of Christian thought published through Dort College, titled In All Things, just published my most recent piece. This piece is a devotional/theological meditation on Cyril of Alexandria and Good Friday. An excerpt:

When Nietzsche’s madman proclaimed that “God is dead and we have killed him,” or when Time magazine ran a cover story asking “Is God Dead?”, neither of these were proclaiming facts alien to the Christian faith. It was the Christian faith that first informed the world that God died and that we killed him. What the Christian faith can say that Nietzsche and Time may not is that God has a curious habit of not staying dead when we kill him. The inexplicable and unexpected rise of Christianity in the majority world during the 20th and 21st centuries, precisely when it was largely assumed that the world was secularizing and God was dead, shows that He has yet maintained his stubborn habit of “rising again on the third day in accordance with the scriptures.”

Read the rest here.

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